About Negron Multi-Services

The company was created in the start of 2017, after years of performing the same services as a sole-proprietor for over 10 years. The owner, Roberto Negron, decided to convert his side gig to a full-time business. In 2016, he received his first large bookkeeping and payroll client which allowed him to quit his job and start the business. He always had tax clients but since tax season was short he could always juggle his time and keep his job. With the opportunity to expanded his business by gaining the large bookkeeping client, he decided to risk it and start Negron Multi-Services.

To this day, NMS has acquired more and more clients and has grown during the years that, finally in 2023, NMS started the tax season in its own office space and no longer in the home office of the owner. In February of 2023, NMS opened its new office doors in downtown Bradenton.

The owner, Roberto Negron, has a background in business administration, computer programming, computer technician, computer networking,  and much more which he has picked up throughout the years. He is an Army veteran and proud to have served.

Starting in 2024, Roberto decided to renew his insurance license and start providing many different types of business insurances to help his clients even more! And now, he has also decided to help enroll clients with affordable health insurance.